UI Accessibility Plugin  Version 1.0.6
Make your UI accessible for visually impaired users
Support and Roadmap


If you have questions or need additional support, please post your question in the Unity support forum thread here:
UAP Support Forum

Please consider using the forum thread, but you can also email us here: support@metalpopgames.com.

Premium Support

We are happy to provide hands-on premium support, as well as custom integrations into your project.
Please contact us at support@metalpopgames.com to find out how we can best help you.

Development Roadmap

The development roadmap for the accessibility plugin is public and can be found here:
UAP Roadmap

Development Blog

You might also find a lot of useful information on the plugin's development blog:
Development Blog

Asset Usage Rights

Examples folder

All assets inside the example folder (or its subfolders) of this plugin are for sample purposes only and cannot be redistributed, sold or used in your products.
The UI for the Match 3 game example was created by Vasili Tkach. It is available for free here: Funtique UI by Vasili Tkach

Assets in other folders

Assets inside other folders (for example sfx) can be used in combination with this plugin only.

To clarify: You cannot use the plugin's sound effects, images etc in a separate app or software, or in any other context, such as a website.
The only allowed form of use is within a Unity project that also actively uses the Accessibility plugin - i.e. offers accessibility to its users.
Distribution of screenshots or recordings of said app or software for promotional purposes featuring the assets is of course permitted.