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Rick Future - A classic point & click adventure in outer space!

Classic Point & Click Gameplay...

Rick Future is a classic point & click Sci-Fi adventure game. The player controls Rick Future, the captain of an old cargo ship and his crew, joining them on an exciting treasure hunt in outer space. The game mixes classic adventure gameplay with beautiful 3D environments packed with various puzzles, riddles and mini-games.

Rick Future is built in 3D using the Unity engine and brings fresh innovations to the genre which would not be possible in traditionally drawn 2D environments.

The main storyline of the game will have our heroes chase after a long lost treasure in one of the most dangerous sectors of our galaxy. There they will meet many colorful characters, solve challenging puzzles and explore the rich sci-fi world the Rick Future universe has to offer.

... in a Beautiful Sci-Fi World.

While trying to uncover the mystery of an old and long lost alien ship and its mysterious cargo, our heroes will travel to various planets and space stations.

All locations are built entirely in 3D and offer countless possibilities for the player to interact with the world and its inhabitants.
The creation process for each location starts with a hand drawn concept, which is then developed into a whitebox prototype and finally modeled, textured and lit by our artists.

Rick Future’s custom camera and location system makes travelling through the game environment a seamless experience uninterrupted by long loading times.

Interactive 3D Environments

Many interesting, funny and dangerous characters can be encountered in the world of Rick Future. A powerful custom conversation system has been created to allow the player full interaction with all characters.

Branching dialogs whose outcome influences the story development are just a part of what the player can expect when meeting the non player characters in Rick Future.
Check out the development diary video to see how the conversation system works.

Multiple Playable Characters

The player can switch between the three main characters at any time. In fact, in order to solve certain puzzles it will become necessary to utilize the different abilities of the characters.

Sometimes only the witty Rick Future will be able to talk to one of the game’s characters and convince him to help the heroes, while at other times a computers might only be hacked by the female Android Evi or a heavy object might only be lifted by the strong and tall Golowonian alien Hubert.

Each of our heroes provides a unique play style and switching between characters adds an interesting and new layer to the traditional adventure gameplay.

Coming to Console and PC