UI Accessibility Plugin  Version 1.0.5
Make your UI accessible for visually impaired users
Magic Gestures

What is a Magic Gesture?

Swipes and double taps are not the only way that blind users navigate an app. There are a few special gestures that will trigger certain actions, such as "Back" or "Pause", or "Read the screen from the Top".
If you are interested in reading more, here is a reference of gestures and keyboard commands that are supported by Apple's VoiceOver screen reader: VoiceOver Gestures

These gestures are invaluable to a visually impaired user, as they cannot find the back or pause button the same way a seeing user can, or the soft back button that Android has on the bottom of the screen.
Your app or game can react to these gestures by registering for OnPause or OnBack callback events.

Magic Gestures will be detected even when the Accessibility Manager is paused, but not when it is disabled.
This allows the game to suspend the accessibility if the main gameplay requires it, but still allow blind players to pause the game.

DEBUGGING: In Editor, holding the ALT key down while tapping the left mouse button will emulate a second finger. This allows debugging and testing of gestures requiring more than one finger during mobile development. By default, only mouse taps/clicks are registered. If developing for mobile, you can turn on "Mouse Swiping" in the Settings to enable swipe simulation with the mouse as well.

Supported Magic Gestures

Here is a list of magic gestures that are supported.
Register with the Accessibility Manager to get a callback when the user performs these gestures, so that your app can react to it.


  • iOS: Two Finger Double Tap
  • Android: Two Finger Double Tap
  • Windows: Escape

Register for callbacks: UAP_AccessibilityManager::RegisterOnPauseToggledCallback()

Enable / Disable Accessibility

  • Android & iOS: Three Finger Triple Tap

Register for callbacks: UAP_AccessibilityManager::RegisterAccessibilityModeChangeCallback()

Read From Top

  • Android & iOS: Two Finger Swipe Up

Override this functionality: UAP_AccessibilityManager::SetTwoFingerSwipeUpHandler()

Read From Top

  • Android & iOS: Two Finger Swipe Down

Override this functionality: UAP_AccessibilityManager::SetTwoFingerSwipeDownHandler()


The plugin detects other swipes and taps and can make callbacks to your app.
You can subscribe to these to offer additional accessibility features. Read here why you should do that: Best Practices
These are only triggered when the plugin is enabled, so you won't have to worry about irritating your sighted users.