UI Accessibility Plugin  Version 1.0.6
Make your UI accessible for visually impaired users
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 CAccessiblePluginToggleUse this if the toggle is used in the Settings to indicate whether the Accessibility plugin is on/off. You don't have to use this necessarily, but it will set the correct toggle state automatically, even when the gesture is used to change the state while the toggle is visible. This will set or unset the toggle - so you OnChange listeners need to check whether there is anything to do before acting (whether plugin enabled state matches the toggle state).
 CUAP_AccessibilityManagerThis is the main object to handle all the accessibility in an app. Please use the premade Accessibility Manager prefab.
 CUAP_BaseElementThis is the base for all accessibility UI components. Use this to set values directly.
 CUAP_CustomTTSBase class for custom TTS implementations. DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE! Please use or make a copy of Custom_TTS_Template.cs instead!
 CUAP_ScrollControlAuto-Scrolling is disabled for all UI elements on or below this. Use this in combination with the UAP_SelectionGroup if you are taking care of scrolling (page wise for example) yourself.
 CUAP_SelectionGroupThis helper class sends a message to the GameObject when any accessibility items beneath it receive focus.