UI Accessibility Plugin  Version 1.0.6
Make your UI accessible for visually impaired users
Change Logs

Version 1.0.6

Added Localization support (English & German included, more languages can be added) Added 32Bit support for NVDA and Windows SAPI (x86 build target) Bug Fix: MacOS TTS no longer occasionally throws 'Process has already finished' error Bug Fix: Loading new scene will no longer cause issues with Windows or MacOS TTS UAP Icon is now also drawn next to GameObjects with UI Group Root component

Version 1.0.5

  • Added Google API TTS support for WebGL
  • Added generic support for third-party TTS systems
  • Added function to query whether Magic Gestures are enabled
  • Bug Fix: All localized UI elements now properly use the Localize() function
  • Bug Fix: Fixed debug log function not respecting checkbox
  • Delayed Windows TTS initialization until it is being used to increase compatibility with some Windows versions
  • Fixed compile warning about GetInstanceID in manager class

Version 1.0.4

  • Improved/Fixed TalkBack detection on Android 8.x
  • Added Experimental WebGL support
  • Optimization of Selection Group component
  • New Option: Plugin on/off can be linked directly to VoiceOver (optional)
  • Bug Fix: Scroll View jittering when auto-scrolling
  • uGUI: Better handling of old/incorrect/broken scroll view setups
  • Using the ALT key to emulate two finger taps with the mouse in Editor
  • New Option: Use mouse swipes on PC to emulate swipes for mobile development
  • Added SaySkippable() function to make an announcement that can be interrupted by player input
  • Some performance optimizations

Version 1.0.3

  • Added MacOS voice support
  • Added prefix option to combine your text and label content (Documentation)
  • Scrolling: Added option to disable auto-scroll
  • Manual Traversal Order will work even when no parent is set
  • Bug Fix: Read from top/current now triggers reliably
  • Read from top/current can now be triggered from code (UAP_AccessibilityManager.ReadFromTop())
  • New Option: Plugin saves enabled state can be turned on/off

Version 1.0.2

  • Added button to Inspector to manually toggle Accessibility mode during Editor play
  • Added helper function to format larger numbers in a VoiceOver/TalkBack friendly manner
  • uGUI: The element frame will be automatically recreated if it is deleted
  • uGUI: ScrollViews that have no ViewPort set will now be handled by attempting to locate the viewport automatically
  • Bug Fix: Starting Play in an accessible scene without the Accessibility Manager prefab will no longer cause a crash
  • Bug Fix: uGUI - switching scenes no longer throws an error about a missing RectTransform

Version 1.0.1

  • Update to Unity 2017.1.1p3
  • References to UI elements that were removed while UAP was paused/blocked are now handled correctly
  • Support for 3D UIs added for uGUI (support for Canvas Render Modes "Screen Space - Camera" and "World Space")
  • Added World Space UI Example
  • Calling BlockInput() can now optionally stop and clear all queued speech
  • Bug Fix: Function SelectNothing() now correctly hides the item highlight frame
  • UI Groups added in background while popup is active will be suspended until popup is closed
  • Bug Fix: Deleting the very last item on the screen while it is selected no longer causes nothing to be selected

Version 1.0.0

  • Updated the graphics in the scrollable 2D map example
  • Accessibility prefab can now comfortably be added to scene via the menu
  • All Update() calls removed for UAP_BaseElement to improve performance
  • Android Emulator now works with UAP
  • Updated Logo for the plugin
  • Added Quick Start Guide as PDF

Version 0.9.5 (BETA)

  • UAP Manager Settings no longer displays a false warning when VoiceOver is enabled
  • Path to Plugin folder is stored in a variable, to make moving the plugin easy
  • NGUI support can now be enabled/disabled in the menu
  • Added NGUI example navigation scene
  • NGUI support for popup lists (dropdown lists) added
  • Accessibility will no longer turn itself on after being disabled manually
  • Proper Version Check, with displayed change log and automatic version recheck

Version 0.9.3 (BETA)

  • Added option to disable VoiceOver
  • Added menu option to check for updates for UAP plugin
  • Switched to use native swipe recognition on iOS

Version 0.9.0 (BETA)

  • NGUI Support added
  • Added About window for UAP plugin