UI Accessibility Plugin  Version 1.0.5
Make your UI accessible for visually impaired users
AccessibleDropdown Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

override bool IsInteractable ()
override bool IsElementActive ()
override string GetCurrentValueAsText ()
override AudioClip GetCurrentValueAsAudio ()
override void Interact ()
override void InteractEnd ()
override void InteractAbort ()
 End the interaction but - if it makes sense - restore previous value.
override bool Increment ()
override bool Decrement ()
int GetItemCount ()
int GetSelectedItemIndex ()
 Returns the 1-based item index of the current selection. The first index will be 1, not 0. More...
override void HoverHighlight (bool enable)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UAP_BaseElement
void Initialize ()
virtual bool AutoFillTextLabel ()
virtual string GetText ()
void SelectItem (bool forceRepeatItem=false)
 Call this function to force select this UI element. By default, if the element is already selected before this function was called, the element is not read out aloud again. If you want to force the repetition, pass true as a parameter. More...
GameObject GetTargetGameObject ()
bool IsNameLocalizationKey ()
string GetCustomHint ()

Public Attributes

List< AudioClip > m_ValuesAsAudio = new List<AudioClip>()
 List of audio files that correspond to the dropdown list entries.
- Public Attributes inherited from UAP_BaseElement
bool m_ForceStartHere = false
int m_ManualPositionOrder = -1
GameObject m_ManualPositionParent = null
bool m_UseTargetForOutline = false
int m_PositionOrder = 0
int m_SecondaryOrder = 0
Vector2 m_Pos = new Vector2(0, 0)
AudioClip m_TextAsAudio = null
string m_Prefix = ""
bool m_PrefixIsLocalizationKey = false
string m_Text = ""
 This variable contains the text that will be read aloud if this UI element receives focus. This variable will only be used if the plugin is not reading text directly from a text label. More...
GameObject m_NameLabel = null
 Label that contains the name or description of the edit box. Use this to directly read localized content.

List< GameObject > m_AdditionalNameLabels = null
GameObject[] m_TestList = null
bool m_IsLocalizationKey = false
 Uses the text inside m_NameLabel and requests translation. More...
bool m_TryToReadLabel = true
 Only works if there is a text label component either on this GameObject or set as a reference.
GameObject m_ReferenceElement = null
 Only set this if the accessibility component doesn't sit on the same GameObject.
bool m_AllowVoiceOver = true
 In very specific circumstances it can make sense to deliberately prevent using VoiceOver from speaking this element.
bool m_ReadType = true
 In very specific circumstances you might want to suppress the reading of the type.
bool m_WasJustAdded = true
AccessibleUIGroupRoot.EUIElement m_Type = AccessibleUIGroupRoot.EUIElement.EUndefined
bool m_CustomHint = false
AudioClip m_HintAsAudio = null
string m_Hint = ""
bool m_HintIsLocalizationKey = false
bool m_IsInsideScrollView = false
bool m_IsInitialized = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from UAP_BaseElement
virtual void AutoInitialize ()
 Do not call this function directly, use Initialize() instead. More...
string CombinePrefix (string text)

Member Function Documentation

int AccessibleDropdown.GetSelectedItemIndex ( )

Returns the 1-based item index of the current selection. The first index will be 1, not 0.


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